SPC Gear introduces SR600 premium gaming chairs with excellent comfort and bold design

26.11.2020 – Warsaw, Poland – SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents a brand-new series of premium gaming chairs with the focus on durability and comfortability. The SPC Gear SR600 series is based on a modern bucket seat design, created to deliver the best experience for gamers. Everyday comfort is ensured by high-quality materials such as PU leather upholstery and breathable fabric while offering an exceptionally wide range of back, seat and 4D armrest adjustments. These allow the SR600 gaming chairs to adapt flexibly to the user's current needs, both during intensive online gaming sessions and when relaxing in front of a favourite show or stream. The SR600’s seat is made from durable, cold-cure foam padding, and to ensure full comfort there are two top-quality memory foam cushions – one for the neck and one for the lumbar region. The seats are available in two colour schemes: classic black and striking black and red.

Bold design mixed with comfort

When designing the SPC Gear SR600, high comfort and ergonomics in everyday use were among the top priorities. The SPC Gear SR600 features the bucket-style seat of a race car, which not only increases the aesthetic value but above all provides proper support in crucial sections of the spine. The interior is made from durable, cold-cure foam that returns to its original shape even after a long session. Two specially shaped cushions, one for the neck and one for the lumbar region offer adjustable suspension height, providing additional comfort and ensuring that you maintain a good sitting position. Both are made of high-quality memory foam. The eye-catching design makes the chair fit perfectly to the gamer’s stand. It is also an attractive complement to the enthusiastic streamers setup, which the viewers will undoubtedly notice.

Versatile Adjustment Options

The bucket design gaming chairs not only offer optimum support when sitting, but they can also be adjusted to suit each users preferences. A comfortable and ergonomic sitting position is key to everyday comfort. The SPC Gear SR600 armchair offers an adjustable backrest, which can be moved from the upright position at 90° to the almost lying position at 170°. Thanks to the advanced MultiLock mechanism, it is possible to set the tilt angle to be one of five possible positions. Yet another great advantage of the durable MultiLock mechanism is the ability to use it when relaxing in the SPC Gear SR600. The wide range of backrest adjustments allows the adoption of a relaxed semi-reclining position, which is ideal for listening to music or watching a movie.

The MultiLock mechanism is supported by a top-notch, class-four cylinder that can withstand up to 150 kg of static load. The SR600 gaming chair series is designed for people with a weight of up to 120 kg. It also takes into account the dynamics of sitting, such as temporarily much higher pressure.

Fully adjustable 4D armrests

In addition to covering the critical values of ergonomics and comfort, the SPC Gear SR600 is equipped with armrests, which can be adjusted in four dimensions. Users can change the position not just vertically but also horizontally. This allows the movement forward or backwards as well as to the left or right or even turning on an axis to better match to the edge of the desk.

The SPC Gear SR600 armrest chairs are available as of today at online and retailers for 249,00€ (incl. VAT).

Product Name Model# Warranty MSRP*
SPC Gear SR600 BK (Black PU) SPG084 2 Years 249 €
SPC Gear SR600 RD (Red/Black PU) SPG085 2 Years 249 €
SPC Gear SR600F BK (Black Fabric) SPG086 2 Years 249 €
SPC Gear SR600F RD (Red/Black Fabric) SPG087 2 Years 249 €

*MSRP, incl. VAT/Taxes.