SPC Gear SM950(T) and SM900T are taking Streaming to the Next Level

05.08.2020 – Warsaw, Poland – SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, announces a trio of new streaming microphone kits in order to satisfy the growing users demand for complete microphones bundles with an outstanding recording quality at a competitive price point. While SM900T is based on the same microphone as the SM900 Kit, it is mounted on a foldable tripod instead of a flexible arm. The new SM950 and SM950T microphone kits are bundled with a new microphone, featuring an easy to access mute button in addition to all the advantages of the successful SM900 bundle. With the updated portfolio, SPC Gear is able to offer a prefect kit for every Gamer, seeking an affordable full-fledged recording setup for streaming of games on Twitch™ or YouTube™ or recording of podcasts and voiceover.

Warm and crystal clear sound

SPC Gear has designed the SM950(T) and SM900(T) microphones with the focus on great recording quality and outstanding practicality. All models feature the cardioid collection pattern, which is praised by the majority of users working with their own voice – be it a musician, streamer or vlogger. It allows effective elimination of unwanted background noises, resulting in authentic and crystal clear voice recording. The microphones are able to capture a wide frequency range from 18 to 21.000 Hz while maintaining 135 dB sensitivity and sampling rate of 16 bit at 48 kHz.

Adjustable Arm or Tripod for the Desk

With the release of the new microphone kits, SPC Gear is able to satisfy the demand from different users. While the SM950T and SM900T are bundled with a foldable tripod, the SM950 and SM900 are combined with a flexible arm for more versatile use. All the microphone kits are furthermore equipped with a shock mount and pop filter for the specific use case. This allows SPC Gear to satisfy the growing demand for complete microphones sets with an outstanding recording quality at a competitive price point

Premium Design with Mute Button

The SM950 series is featuring an elegant design with a black and red color scheme. Both the tripod as well as the flexible arm are painted black and designed to deliver great stability and usability. The SM950 and SM950T microphones are equipped with a mute button on top, allowing for easy accessibility and instant muting without disrupting the game or conversation. Both the button and the microphone are illuminating blue color during regular operation and red when muted, giving users a clear signal of the current status.

Easy Installation

Installation of the microphones is as easy as it can get thanks to the Plug and Play support. After the setup of the microphone at the desk, users simply have to connect the microphone to the PC or Notebook using the supplied USB cable and then can get down to action. There is no need for additional software and drivers, which significantly increases compatibility and reduces complexity.

The new SPC Gear SM950(T) and the SM900T streaming microphones are available from today at online stores and retailers.

Product Name Model# Warranty MSRP*
SPC Gear SM900 SPG026 2 Years 79,00 €
SPC Gear SM900T SPG055 2 Years 62,00 €
SPC Gear SM950 SPG053 2 Years 89,00 €
SPC Gear SM950T SPG052 2 Years 73,00 €

*MSRP, incl. VAT/Taxes.