SPC Gear presents durable Endorphy Cordura Mousepads in three sizes

27.05.2019 – Warsaw, Poland –The gaming division of SilentiumPC, branded as SPC Gear, introduces the Endorphy series mousepads, which are made out of unique, military-spec Cordura™ fabric. The new pads provide unmatched level of precision and responsiveness together with extreme durability and effortless maintenance. Users have the choice between the pad sizes M, L and XL at a competitive price point.

Unique Material for Ultimate Precision

SPC Gear teamed up with Cordura™, known for its military and motorcycle protective gear, to create the ultimate mousepad for ambitious Gamers! The result is the Endorphy series, which is designed with supreme accuracy in mind, featuring SPEED-type surface for smooth, friction-less movement and perfect mouse control. SPC Gear Endorphy is the mousepad that is made to enhance the abilities.

Supreme Durability

The patented Cordura™ fabric grants the Endorphy series a variety of advantages over common mousepads! One of which is the high resistance to mechanical damage, including prolonged wear & tear, making it extremely durable. High-density stitching has been used around the edges, in order to enhance the quality and aesthetics, as well as preventing peeling, which significantly extends the life span of the SPC Gear Endorphy mousepad.

Annoying movement of the mousepads is prevented by applying a textured, anti-slip rubber base, providing ultimate stability, even during intense moments.


Another advantage of the Endorphy series is its hydrophobic property, making it both stain and water-resistant. Casual spills are completely harmless as the mousepad retains its original properties. The tightly woven, smooth fabric assures easy maintenance of the surface.

SPC Gear Endorphy mouspads are available in the sizes M (360 x 300 mm), L (450 x 400 mm) as well as XL (900 x 400 mm) starting 16,90 € (incl. VAT).