The SilentiumPC Fortis 5 – A high-performance beast that comes in three breeds

09.12.2021 – Warsaw, Poland – SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, power supplies, and PC cases, is thrilled to announce its newest addition to the air-cooler segment, which is bound to stir up the market with its phenomenal performance and low noise levels. The Fortis 5 comes in three versions, each tweaked to satisfy the demands of different users. The regular Fortis 5 aims for the mainstream, whereas the Fortis 5 Dual has been designed to appeal to performance-oriented and noise-conscious enthusiasts. Also available is the Fortis 5 ARGB, designed to shine vividly thanks to its gorgeous ARGB fan, which is sure to stun those that are also heavily invested into the aesthetics of their setup. All Fortis 5 models are based on a brand-new heatsink design composed of an optimized base and a total of six 6 mm copper-heat-pipes. Depending on the model, either one or two Fluctus fans are included. The Fluctus series of fans are fine-tuned for high static pressure, resulting in high levels of airflow and quiet operation. In regards to performance, the Fortis 5 is easily able to compete with large twin-tower CPU coolers, while even surpassing the best single-towers in cooling efficiency and lower noise metrics, thanks to its finely tuned psychoacoustic properties. SilentiumPC further underlines the High-End standpoint of the Fortis 5 series by offering an extended 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.

High-End Cooling Solution

The Fortis 5 series is the next step in a revolutionary design developed in collaboration with Synergy Cooling, and another representative of the new generation of SilentiumPC cooling systems. It is equipped with a larger heatsink made of 47 densely packed fins. The large copper-base has been embedded with six 6mm copper-heat-pipes, which are perfectly aligned to most efficiently transfer all generated heat throughout the heatsink. Total heat dissipation area is more than 50% greater than that of the Fera 5 cooling system! The Fortis 5 heatsink is asymmetrical and has been optimized for unidirectional airflow. It is fully compatible and does not interfere with taller memory modules. In addition to the single-fan Fortis 5, the Fortis 5 Dual Fan comes with two Fluctus fans, one 140 mm fan on the front and one 120 mm fan on the back. The Fortis 5 ARGB has been further visually enriched with an addressable LED lighting system.

Fluctus Fan

The characteristic blades with serrated edges ensure high static pressure when matched with a dense heatsink such as the Fortis 5, resulting in incredibly high levels of air flow while maintaining very low perceived noise levels. The Fluctus fans are equipped with modern and durable FDB bearings (MTBF 100,000 h) and anti-vibration rubber elements at their corners, further reducing operational noise levels.

Each Fortis 5 model has been fine-tuned to a wide range of useful speeds, with both the 140 mm and 120 mm Fluctus fans operating between 300 and 1.400 rpm. The PWM feature allows users to adjust fan speeds to their own needs. It is even possible to temporarily turn off the Fluctus fans ("fan stop") to keep the cooling system running passively during low load conditions.

Convenient mounting system

The Fortis 5 is equipped with a new generation of universal mounting systems, improving pressure on the processor, which is crucial when it comes to cooling efficiency. The kit consists of fewer parts, has a steel backplate, and is easier than ever to assemble.

The Fortis 5 cooling system is supplied with Pactum PT-3 thermal paste in an amount sufficient for multiple applications. The accessory kit allows for the installation of up to two fans, similar to the Fortis 5 Dual Fan.


The Fortis 5 is compatible with all popular modern CPU sockets.

  • Intel: LGA 1700, LGA 1200, LGA 1150, LGA 1151, LGA 1155, LGA 1156, LGA 2066, LGA 2011-3 (square ILM), LGA 2011 (square ILM)
  • AMD: AM4, AM3(+), AM2(+), FM2(+), and FM1.

All three models of the Fortis 5 are available starting today.

Product Name Model# Warranty MSRP*
Fortis 5 Dual Fan SPC307 6 Years 48,99 €
Fortis 5 ARGB SPC308 6 Years 52,99 €
Fortis 5 SPC306 6 Years 41,99 €

*MSRP, incl. VAT/Taxes.