SilentiumPC expands Armis case series with mid-range AR3 models

25.06.2018 – Warsaw, Poland –The newest addition to SilentiumPC lineup, the Armis AR3, is a modern midi-tower chassis offering subtle styling and unparalleled practicality. The unique signature of the Armis series includes design cues such as the bold front vents for high-level airflow and the movable I/O panel. Armis AR3 is available in three different versions:

  • This regular base version comes with a full metal side panel and the special “blackout” button, which turns all HDD and power LEDs off for complete stealth, especially useful for night rendering/simulation sessions.
  • TG version features tempered glass side panel, which combined with great value for money offers a great start for future RGB build.
  • TG RGB version comes fully packed with interior illumination and built-in internal control box. Supporting all major motherboard RGB systems or manual control via front switch, the AR3 is the ready-to-go RGB solution on a budget.
A unique feature of the new Armis AR3 is the user-friendly I/O panel, which can be repositioned from the top to the bottom for convenient access to USB/audio ports and fan/illumination switches. Yet another great way to customize the Armis AR3 to the user’s individual taste is the possibility to create their own 3D printed cover plates for the front panel.

Internal structure is cleverly simplified allowing for easy component installation and various arrangement options. Bottom PSU/HDD shroud is fully modular with possibility of removing the top cover for cable management or simply removing it entirely when required. Conveniently install up to 4x SSDs, 2x HDDs and also get single 5,25” drive bay with option to remove the mounting cage when not in use.

Being focused on silent cooling, Armis AR3 chassis comes equipped with two silent Sigma PRO 120 case fans and supports up to 10 fans in total via the embedded 3-step speed controller. Water cooling radiator or AIO compatibility includes up to 240 at the front and 120 in the back and with 159 mm available there is practically no limitations in air cooling selection. All the intake vents as well as the top opening are fully equipped with dust filters.


  • Signature Armis front vents for streamlined airflow.
  • Simplified internal layout with modular bottom PSU/HDD shroud.
  • Movable I/O panel – install it at the top or bottom.
  • 3-step speed controller supporting up to 10 fans.
  • 2x Sigma PRO 120mm fans pre-installed.
  • (AR3 TG) Tempered-glass side panel.
  • (AR3 TG RGB) Sigma PRO Corona RGB 120 fan included.
  • (AR3 TG RGB) Advanced fan/illumination controller with software or manual control.
Armis AR3 TG RGB Product Page 62,90 EUR
Armis AR3 TG Product Page 49,90 EUR
Armis AR3 Product Page 41,90 EUR