Silence has never shined so bright: Introducing the new Fera 5 ARGB Cooler and Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB Fan

19.08.2021 – Warsaw, Poland – SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, announces a new version of the popular Fera 5 CPU Cooler, which is valued for its outstanding price to performance ratio and is set to match today’s high levels of PC-lighting demands. The new Fera 5 ARGB version combines the high-performance, efficiency, and sublime acoustic-properties of the original Fera 5 CPU Cooler with an addressable RGB shroud, along with the all-new Fluctus 120 PWM addressable RGB fan. The basis of the cooling system is composed of an optimized aluminium base with four heatpipes attached to an asymmetrical heatsink covered in densely packed fins. Another distinguishing element is the powerful and virtually silent Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan with its characteristic serrated-edge blades. These provide the high levels of static pressure necessary to ensure proper airflow through the Fera 5 heatsink. With its addressable illumination system, the Fera 5 ARGB represents a new generation of SilentiumPC CPU Cooling innovations.

Addressable ARGB Illumination System

Both the shroud and fan allow for fully individual adjustment of effects, colours and styles in correspondence with the user's expectations. Visual aspects can be controlled separately for each of the individual LEDs, not only in the Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan, but also on the illuminated shroud. The user can choose from a wide array of illumination effects, as well as almost any of the 16 million colours available in their various combinations: from a shimmering rainbow, to static lighting of a specific colour, slow modes, gradual colour changes, calm breathing effects, and even wave effects.

The addressable RGB illumination can be controlled in three different ways: directly through the included Nano-Reset ARGB controller (1), connecting it to a compatible motherboard (2), or synchronizing with the advanced controller included with selected SilentiumPC Cases (3). The included manual Nano-Reset ARGB controller allows the user to experience all the visual qualities of the Fera 5 ARGB cooler. Thanks to ARGB signal splitters, the cooler can be connected to a single ARGB connector, and also has the ability to be synchronized with many other SilentiumPC products: e.g. Aurora Stripes ARGB LED strips, ARGB fans (e.g. Stella HP or Corona HP ARGB), as well as Astrum, Armis, Regnum, Signum, and Ventum cases (with ARGB compatibility).

A heatsink densely-packed with both fins and features

As previously stated, the foundation of the Fera 5 ARGB is an optimized aluminium base with four heatpipes attached to an asymmetrical heatsink covered in densely packed fins. These heat pipes are in direct contact with the processor, which ensures that heat is quickly passed onto the heatsink, which consists of 56 fins with specially contoured edges. Due to its asymmetrical design, The Fera 5 ARGB heatsink has been optimized for unidirectional airflow. For the user, this translates to lower processor temperatures, as well as overall more pleasant operation. Thanks to its small dimensions (155 mm), the Fera 5 ARGB fits into the vast majority of popular cases. Additionally, the cooler (heatsink and fan) does not overlap RAM modules, which can be of any height.

New Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan

The Fera 5 ARGB is equipped with a Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan. Its characteristic serrated-edge blades ensure high levels of static pressure, very high air flow and overall more pleasant perceived noise levels. The Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan is equipped with a modern and durable FDB bearing (MTBF 100,000 h), while the corners are covered with anti-vibration rubber elements. Just like the cooler, the Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan has embedded LEDs that can be controlled in the same way. A wide range of useful fan speeds from 300 to 1.800 (± 10%) rpm allow users to adjust the Fera 5 ARGB operating parameters to their own specific needs. It is even possible to temporarily turn off the Fluctus fans ("fan stop") to keep the computer running passively and quietly during low-load conditions.

Synergy Cooling solutions

Cooling systems from the Fera 5 family are the result of collaboration between SilentiumPC and Synergy Cooling. Piotr Pietras is the chief engineer responsible for the unique design and technology contained within the Fluctus 120 PWM and the Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fans. The heatsink matched with the fan has a specially-designed shape and fin-density. Synergy Cooling solutions used in the Fera 5 will also appear in future higher-end SilentiumPC coolers being prepared for 2021 and 2022. The Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fans will also be offered for sale as a standalone product.

Convenient and simplified mounting system

A completely re-designed assembly system has been prepared especially for the Fera 5, which improves pressure applied on the processor, a crucial feature when it comes to cooling efficiency. The set consists of a smaller number of parts, which allow the cooler to be mounted in the users selected orientation (vertical or horizontal), it is also easier than ever before to install. The cooling system comes with the time-tested Pactum PT-3 thermal paste in an amount sufficient for multiple uses. The accessory kit allows for the installation of up to two fans in total. The cooler is compatible with all currently popular processor sockets, and every product included in the set is covered by a 6-year manufacturer's warranty.

The new Fera 5 ARGB is available from today with the MSRP of 36,99€.

*MSRP, incl. VAT/Taxes.