SilentiumPC Gear GEM: A light-weight companion to take on any opponent

24.08.2021 – Warsaw, Poland – SilentiumPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, announces an addition to the recently unveiled GEM series of exceptionally light mouses. The new GEM gaming mouse features a full-shell design and efficient components, such as the durable and ultra-fast Kailh GM 4.0 microswitches and the PixArt PMW3325 sensor with high sensitivity capabilities of up to 8000 DPI. The sealed body of the mouse and quality materials used throughout ensure rigidity and durability, paired with specialized etched side walls which also improve grip. The mouse is complemented by a braided paracord-like cable, which is highly-flexible, and thanks to its low weight, almost imperceptible during intense gameplay.

Lightweight full-shell design

Due to its full-shell design, the GEM mouse is characterized by its high durability and stiffness. The side walls are etched with a small, characteristic triangle pattern, further improving user grip and control. This ensures that the user will never lose their grasp, even during the most intense online firefights. Thanks to its ultralight construction, low inertia, and PTFE skates, users can also expect reduced fatigue of the hand and wrist muscles, which ensures higher effectiveness during extended gaming or work sessions. The symmetrical shape of the shell and minimalist style, complemented by triangular accents and a fully configurable ARGB backlight, make the mouse a very aesthetic addition to any enthusiast’s arsenal.

High-quality components

The time-tested and valued PixArt PMW3325 sensor is responsible for reading mouse movement, which maintains ultra-high precision readings up to 8.000 DPI. These features help the player to react quickly and effectively when targeting moving opponents.

Durable Kailh GM 4.0 microswitches

In order to top the leaderboards in online matches or pass that near-impossible level on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty, precision and short reaction times are absolutely crucial. This is why the GEM is equipped with the ultra-fast and durable Kailh GM 4.0 microswitches, which have a lifespan rating of 60 million clicks.

Light up your workplace or gaming setup

Convenience and performance are key, but appearance must not be overlooked. That’s why all the illuminated elements on the GEM are fully customizable. Everything from the scroll wheel to the light-strip on the back of the shell, as well as the SilentiumPC Gear logo on the top of the mouse can be modified by the user. The addressable-RGB LED backlight allows for full control over the colours and effects depending on the user's preferences and the style of their computer setup. It is even possible to assign a backlight style to defined profiles, allowing users to immediately tell which profile is currently selected.

PTFE skates

The GEM is able to move across surfaces with minimal resistance due to special PTFE skates. The rounded edges of the skates also make it easier than ever to move the mouse across the mousepad. All these features combine to give the user full control over the mouse at all times. The skates also work well on a wide variety of mousepads – standard, “control”, or even “speed” types. An additional set of replacement skates is included, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding competitive gamers.

Flexible and highly resistant cable

A unique paracord-like braid has been used to cover the 1,8 m cable of the GEM. It is soft, flexible and also aids in protecting the cable from any potential damage. Thanks to its flexibility and low weight, it is near-imperceptible during gameplay.

The SilentiumPC Gear GEM is available from today with the MSRP of 31,99€.