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    eTonix Media PR is offering specially new manufacturers (brands) an opportunity to enter the European Markets which is achieved by the agency's experience in consulting and P&R work. After a analyzing the brand, its products, channels and target group a matching concept will be provided which includes P&R targets and strategies. Hence allows fast reaction and communication between press, media and manufacturers to achieve the set targets as fast as possible. Communication can be done in German and English as well as Russian if required.

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    Aerocool announces slim Desktop PC chassis QS-101 and QS-102


    16.04.2014, Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, presents two new members of the PGS-Q chassis series. Unlike the other PGS-Q models, both the QS-101 and QS-102 are slim desktop PC cases, which can be used for modern office computers or compact home theatre PCs (HTPC). Depending on the individual taste and environment, both chassis can be placed either horizontal or vertical, thanks to the supplied stand.
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    Aerocool Air Force: Silent case fans with FDB and Air Circulator


    07.04.2014, Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, proves once again that great ideas can push the air cooling market further. After releasing the successful „Dead Silence“ case fan series, which innovated the market thanks to its great performance and dual-material design, Aerocool now presents the “Air Force” case fan series. The new series features energy-efficient fan blade design and the Air Circulator attachment for guided airflow and intense cooling.
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    Scythe presents new Top-Flow CPU Cooler “Iori”


    18.03.2014, Oststeinbek (Germany) – The evolving PC market moves towards yet smaller and faster Computers. Scythe reacts to the trend and offers a compact Top-Flow CPU Cooler, which is especially developed for Mini- and Micro-ATX systems. Iori supports the latest platforms of both AMD® and Intel®. But it gets even better: Thanks to the low-weight of the heatsink, an improved version of the Push-Pin mounting mechanism has been used, allowing fast heatsink mounting on virtually every motherboard.
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    Aerocool CoolTouch E & R: Release of two touch-screen fan controller


    31.01.2014 Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, announces two new single-bay fan controller CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R. Both of Aerocool’s new fan controller are utilizing a touch-panel. Hence allows users to directly interact with the display to make adjustments and changes more naturally. Up to four case fans can be connected to the back side of the CoolTouch fan controller, while all important information are presented well sorted on the display in the front. To match most on-market PC chassis, CoolTouch-E and CoolTouch-R are available as a black and white edition.

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    Aerocool presents innovative 140 and 120 mm Dead Silence case fans with dual-layer blades


    06.01.2014, Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative Dead Silence case fan series, which includes a 140 and 120 mm axial-fan model. Dead Silence is not simply a name; it’s the main focus of the newly established products series, which is bringing forth new technology to innovate the cooling market. After an intensive development period, Aerocool Advanced Technologies was able to create an impressive case fan that combines the sturdiness and advantages of plastic with the flexibility and vibration absorption of rubber!
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    Epic Monkey offers high-quality carbon cover for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S


    Epic Monkey is hereby announcing the premium carbon case Epic Carbon Cover for iPhone 5™ and iPhone 5S™. Epic Carbon Cover is made of high-tech carbon fiber material and offers many ad-vantages including great protection capabilities and low weight. Hence makes it the best matching accessory for latest high-class Smartphones.
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    Scythe Kotetsu: Low weight and compact tower CPU Cooler with a great cost/performance ratio


    28.11.2013, Oststeinbek (Germany) – With the announcement of the new Kotetsu CPU Cooler, Japanese cooling expert Scythe is going forth to offer a 120 mm tower model with an aggressive pricing and great cost/performance ratio. Progressive development on field of thermal design and improvement of present technology, allowed Scythe to create a low-weight, yet very powerful tower-type CPU Cooler! Easy and fast mounting procedure is possible thanks to the recently introduced „Hyper Precision Mounting System“.
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    Scythe Ashura Shadow: Special 10th Anniversary Edition in black color


    27.11.2013, Oststeinbek (Germany) – Japanese manufacturer Scythe offers innovative and market leading cooling products for 10 years, and is hereby celebrating the anniversary with a special edition of the award winning high-performance Ashura CPU Cooler! Similar to the last special edition, the Ninja Copper, this spe-cial edition is produced in a very limited quantity. The Ashura Shadow CPU cooler has been optimized for better performance and the all-aluminum heatsink has been anodized black – making the CPU cooler a real eye-catcher!

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    Aerocool XPredator Avenger and XPredator X3 Avenger: Super and Midi Tower with a fresh re-design


    26.11.2013, Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, introduces the Avenger models as new additions to the XPredator super tower and the XPredator X3 high mid tower. Both chassis are part of the performance gaming system series PGS-B, aiming for ambitious Gamers. New Avenger models are bringing a really fresh and exciting color-mix to the PGS-B series.

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    AeroCool offers new value-for-money chassis with its GT and GT Advance models


    12.11.2013, Taipei, Taiwan – AeroCool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, today announced the addition of two new value-for-money chassis to the GT product series. By introducing the GT and GT Advance chassis, AeroCool is able to complete the fresh GT series, which received great feedback from end-users and media within a short time! Both GT and GT Advance PC cases are targeting Gamers with small budget, yet offers fantastic design like its big brothers GT-S and GT-R. Despite the retail price being low, both the chassis are able to offer many features.

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